MrMC Version 3.0.3 is Here! Now Featuring Emby Native Client

MrMC 3.0.3 released, includes Emby native client and various fixes

Spring has sprung and has brought with it the release of our most advanced MrMC yet!

We have listened to the wishes of our loyal users the world-over and  have released the updated version 3.0.3 featuring the Emby native client – in addition to the media platforms you have already become accustomed to, for effortlessly playing videos, listening to your favourite music and viewing your pictures and images.

Our application continues to deliver fantastic playback of video and audio content and supports awesome 4K content watching on Fire TV2 and Nvidia Shield (Display resolution switching is possible on Fire TV 1/2 and Nvidia Shield, while 1080p is applicable for tvOS and iOS platforms. The user friendly interface – for use with televisions and remote controls, allows all our users to play and view most videos, music, and other digital media content, from local storage media and media devices/servers such as Plex, HDHomerun, TVHeadend among others.

The new release also addresses a number of bugs such as the Plex 3D SBS detection for example, while adding new features to the core such as audio silence factor selector. A feature list of additions and improvements implemented in MrMc Version 3.0.3 is found below:

  • added new native emby client
  • fixed plex client 3D SBS detection
  • fixed OS screensaver for FireOS and Android
  • fixed tvOS dismiss of OS screensaver when using play/pause buttons
  • added audio silence factor selector
  • improved plex/emby playback startup
  • improved homeshelf item selection and display
  • improved auto close on-screen-display after 3 sec inactivity
  • added support for xxx.filepart extensions

While we are sure you will appreciate our latest MrMC 3.0.3 version, more will be in store in the near future! We will be releasing new features and options and will continue to invest in evolving MrMC into the most satisfying viewing platform on the market!

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