MrMC version 3.0.7/3.0.8 on tvOS, apple TV Siri remote handling!!

MrMC version 3.0.7 brings a big change in Apple TV Siri Remote handling. Since we first arrived on the AppleTV platform, we have been faced with requests for better Siri Remote behavior. After much thought and numerous experimental coding attempts, we have finally managed to replicate Siri Remote behavior.

A more technical explanation is that many (if not all?) Apple TV applications are rendered using UIViews and fixed storyboards. The tvOS Focus Engine actively manages focus on UIViews and handles all animation and movement transparently. We use OpenGL to render our GUI. This allows us to have multiple skins that can change our look and feel at runtime as well as present a consistent look over all the platforms we support. Because of this, handing the focus control over to OS was not an option without a huge code refactor. What we did was to create our own focus engine handler in core. This core change tracks the focused items in our skin and zooms when selected as well as slide when it detect the movement in any direction indicating that focus will shift to the next item in line. So now we replicate the behavior of the tvOS focus engine on the AppleTV and make Siri Remote handling much, much better than it was before.

Hopefully below video will make it clearer and if you are familiar with how Apple wants us to use Siri Remote, there should not be any issues adapting to this change.


Due to some keymap issues with Siri remote, we have pushed update for Apple TV users only, Current version for tvOS is  3.0.8.


  •  Metadata provider APIs
  •  New rounded android icons
  •  New FocusEngine/Siri Remote Handler for tvOS
  •  Plex/Emby, add delete item option due to the popular demand


  •  Upside down bookmarks in droid
  •  VMSF_DELTA filter in unrar allows arbitrary memory write
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