MrMC version 3.0.5, SMB bug squasher!!

This quick release is aimed at fixing some minor issues with SMB:// connections and fixing emby issues that users reported.


  • core: libdsm, bring back session caching
  • core: libdsm: check for errors session create instead of timing out
  • core: add back the other flavor of samba for android
  • core: show sets when services are enabled in skin.mrmc
  • backport: [3d] Avoid switching stereo mode based on current display mode
  • backport: fix aspect ratio for matroska containers for stereo modes


  • Revert: set DSM as default SMB service
  • Revert: smb: remove FORCEV1 setting
  • fixed: emby set watched
  • fixed: when called to stop app, stop rendering
  • fixed: crash on exit. CGUITextureManager is a globa and we have no clue when it gets destructed.
  • fixed, revert program stream selection for m3u8
  • fixed: memory leak and potential crashes

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