MrMC and MrMC Lite 3.8.1 – More Atmos fun

Version 3.8.1 brings more eac3/atmos handling for tvOS. MrMC is the only tvOS app that can handle eac3/atmos in media containers other than mp4.

– Background color and background opacity settings
– audio: boosting center
– refactor eac3/atmos handling
– he-acc audio detection
– cleanup passthrough detection
– fix music database on older skins
– allow plug n play shares in new source browsing
– smb2 wants ip not hostname
– Live TV OSD, tvOS double press
– ignore ipv6 for gateway and dns
– (hue) only capture if necessary
– m3u, avoid mime type checking
– mp4 files with bad a/v interleaving
– fix recently added movie listing
– hookup GetMoreResolutions, NextUp
– add nodes, works for video item
– fix listing of some seasons
– mark emby items with “SkipLocalArt” property to avoid looking for media files
– fix music playback
– fix multiple media tiles
– expose share path for manual login
– enable home submenu for music only if music is flattened
– check publicAdrressMatch for local servers
– sort by title as default in movie and tvshow lists
– maintain section list order as per Plex Server
– fix music playback
– fix multiple media tiles
– fix RA and in progress incorrect order
– keep section order as per PMS, default -> sort by title
– revert transcode plex thumbs on the server, helps loads

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