MrMC and MrMC Lite 3.5.0 – Step 1, let’s focus

MrMC and MrMC Lite 3.5.0 brings major improvements to GUI navigation on the tvOS platform using a new Focus Engine View tracker. This Focus Engine tracks every item in the GLES rendered skins and presents an invisible layer with tvOS native views that allows Siri to smoothly navigate around without having to interpret every move as click. Taps/Pans/Swipes are handled just like any other tvOS app and the interaction is truly amazing.

Armed with the new Focus Engine View tracker, we added progress scrubbing to tvOS platform, just how apple wanted you to use Siri touch pad.

In few words, if you like how Apple has setup OSD to control video playback you will love the latest update, if not there is still an option to use the old OSD by selecting “Enable Siri expert mode” in settings.

When playing video:

Left click:
seek backward 10 seconds (default settings)

Left click hold down
change to 4x rewind, resume 1X play on release

Right click
seek forward 30 seconds (default settings)

Right click hold down
change to 4x fastforward, resume 1X play on release

Up click
next chapter or up channel (pvr)

Down click
previous chapter or down channel (pvr)

Single Tap
show progress bar

Double Tap

Triple Tap
toggle subtitles

Center Click -> pause playback -> bring up progress bar (with scrubber if possible)

Siri Remote, swipe left/right:
Moves progress bar backward/forwards
Select click to jump and resume 1X play.

Siri Remote, swipe down:
Brings up OSD Settings for substitles/audio/video.
Menu to back out.

IR Remote, Select click left/right:
Moves progress bar 10 seconds backward/forwards.
Select click to jump and resume 1X play.

IR Remote, Select click hold left/right:
Moves progress bar 10 (30 after 1.5 seconds) backward/forwards.
After release, Select click to jump to that position.

IR Remote, Down click:
Brings up OSD Settings for substitles/audio/video.
Menu or Swipe Up to back out.

Menu -> resumes 1X playback


all changes are listed below, and source code can be found on our github page

core: complete refactor tvOS focus handling
core: focus engine, add FocusLayerViewSlider
core: default to tvos native click sounds
core: exclude folders named _gsdata_, aka GoodSync bread crumbs
core: add TVOSDirectory so we can get to home userdata xml files
core: add CGUIDialogOSDSettings window
Core: add reload keymap button in settings
emby: fix collections listes in movie lists
fixed: dolby vision detection for VTB/AVF codecs
fixed: crashing in libsmbclient, smb.GetImpl might return null so check it
fixed: block skins from issuing an exit under darwin. not permitted
update: skins to support focus engine
changed: deterlacer/auto for appletv4k to VS_INTERLACEMETHOD_DEINTERLACE_HALF
settings: change to more sensible defaults for novice users
services: LightEffects cleanup of the thread
backport: various backport fixes
fixed, single/double/triple taps when scrubbing
fixed, crash if a control vanishes during render cycle
fixed, strm detection for scrubbing exclusion
fixed, remove stale customcontroller.SiriRemote.xml

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