MrMC 3.7.0

Time again for another exciting release of MrMC. This time, we welcome a brand new skin called “Ariana”. Designed specifically for MrMC by a most excellent skin designer, pecinko.

In addition to Ariana, there have numerous other additions, update and fixes, highlighted below.

New default skin, Ariana
iOS, iTunes Shared Folder access
iOS, monitor hardware volume keys
tvOS bluetooth keyboard handing
tvOS light/dark/automatic modes
tvOS houston we have wiggle
Android night mode
Android Oreo Watch Next
Hue light service
Plex Photo/Image transcoding
Server selector on home screen
Allow sources on Home screen

Addons are now called extensions
Smb clients (smb1/smb2/smb3 support)
Plex/Emby clients
Bluray support
tvdb/tmdb API support

hev1 format under videotoolbox
crash if 2-byte/3-byte NALs are present
tvos, handle ac3 5.0 channels
see github for a complete listing

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