MrMC 3.3.1 and MrMC Lite 3.3.1, Dolby Vision on AppleTV 4K

After many hours of testing MrMC version 3.3.1 is ready. Once again, we have again managed to bring our users another first, playback of single layer Dolby Vision video content on the new AppleTV 4K.

Other notable changes are improved color range (limited/full) handling, improved subtitle search function and some minor OS X 10.13 build tweaks as well as a few bug fixes for HDR handling.

Below full list of changes and specific commits can be seen on our github page

– backport: upstream changes regarding building under 10.13
– fixed: packing for binary pvr under osx
– fixed: include smpte2085 in color matrix selection
– changed: hevc/hdr vector for videotoolbox to be only for 4K and DolbyVision
– fixed: videotoolbox wrong color range check for FullRange
– fixed: darwin tvOS. only enable display rate tracking on appletv4k. values wander on appletv4
– podnapisi: remove ‘ from search string, add premiered year to search string, display title if release name is unknown
– opensubtitles: remove ‘ from search string
– update: sync UseLimitedColor to upstream
– changed: use colorspace in vda, vtb and afv codecs
– changed: add colorrange into hints
– darwin: fixed bt709 incorrectly triggering HDR mode on tvOS

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