MrMC 3.3.0 and MrMC Lite 3.3.0, Apple TV 4K display rate switching and other fixes

MrMC 3.3.0 and MrMC Lite 3.3.0 brings dynamic range/display rate switching to Apple TV 4K. This is the holy grail feature for the AppleTV 4K. Together with 4K HEVC decode/display and HDR, the AppleTV 4K is now pretty much on par with the Nvidia Shield for top dog in the set-top-box field.

Other changes below:

  • plex: fix trailers
  • pvr: bump pvr.mythtv to support 0.29 protocol
  • home shelf action selector, follow the settings if user wants to see the item info, choose action or play
  • player: remove READ_MULTI_STREAM, most content has more than two streams
  • player: changed, no need to hammer codec info at frame rates
  • player: silence codec skips if format is bypass, skip count > 0 is an artifact on some high frame rate content
  • player: fixed possible crash on stop
  • player: change min a/v offset from 0.25s to 0.05s
  • darwin: fixed crash in AVFoundation codec if CMVideoFormatDescriptionCreateFromH264ParameterSets fails
  • darwin: changed VideoToolBox decoder to exclude pps changes from triggering a vtb restart
  • darwin: changed AVFoundation decoder frame rate tracker to prefer dts over pts
  • darwin: fixed, a/v offset control for AVFoundation decoder
  • darwin: enable gles fence during video playback
  • darwin: fixed codec info crankyness under AVFoundation codec
  • darwin: fixed use videotoolbox for hevc/hdr settings to match videotoolbox visability
  • darwin: refactor VideoToolBox parameter set handling
  • darwin: tvOS, add display rate/dynamic range switching
  • webinterface: hide “now playing” if one of the logs is open, it covers log window
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