MrMC 3.2.0 and MrMC Lite 3.2.0, HDR and HEVC (h.265) HW acceleration on iOS 11

MrMC version 3.2.0 brings a big change in AppleTV and iOS platforms. Along with the addition of support for the new AppleTV 4K with 4K display, we bring in HEVC hardware decoding. Finally, the Apple embedded devices are on par with our supported Android devices. Not only that but MrMC supports rendering in glorious HDR colors on the AppleTV 4K (when connect to an HDR capable display). This make MrMC the first video media player not using avplayer on tvOS/iOS that can decode and display HDR content.

To enable HDR, please enable AVFoundation Decoder and disable HEVC/HDR under VideoToolbox.


In addition, several Opacity bugs and issues have been resolved. Opacity is looking quite nice and was definitely worth the effort.

List of all changes can be seen on our github and more important ones are listed below.

  • skin.opacity: Revert “colorize focus texture with primary_color”
  • skin.opacity: extend top bar label
  • skin.opacity: fix hidden services on 4:3 screens
  • skin.opacity: sync with skin repo
  • skin.opacity: add slider to scrobble on touch devices
  • skin.opacity: cleanup slideshow
  • skin.opacity: quit button on home for non apple devices
  • skin.opacity: slide show exit buton
  • plex: separate vc1 and hevc local transcode settings
  • emby: only lookup “” if net is alive
  • topshelf: specify RA and in progress type
  • backport: upstream backports/sync
  • metadata providers: upstream sync
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