MrMC 3.0.9, sync watched status!

Main feature of this release is integration, we have added reporting as well as bulk import/export of watched items.  Many users will find this helpful when syncing libraries across multiple devices and when creating new libraries as the watched status can now easily be imported from trakt website.

All additions and fixes can be found below


  • trakt push/pull with auto update
  • dateadded to core settings


  • RSS handling (refactor)
  • EDL list handling
  • lighteffects screensaver deactivate
  • crash in smb/CheckLibLoadedAndLoad
  • crash trying to render while in background
  • iOS/tvOS native keyboard under 11.x
  • tvOS remote regressions
  • tvOS 3rd party remote usage
  • showing percentage while waiting for plex/emby sign in pin
  • plex listing genre -> tvshows
  • playback of mp4’s with bad a/v interleaving
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