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Plex Server + MrMc (on Apple TV 4k) = Full Resolution?

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Plex Server + MrMc (on Apple TV 4k) = Full Resolution?

Post by SoonerLater » 13 Apr 2019, 15:43

TL, DR if you use a Plex server as your backend (as opposed to a NAS or other fileserver) with MrMc (on an Apple TV 4k) will your video resolution be reduced by Plex on the fly?

I come to this question after discovering why I could never get MrMc to download/play a movie trailer on my Apple TV 4k. The answer to that question is that MrMc cannot do that - unless you use a Plex Server backend. (see: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4455). So now I'm thinking about using a Plex Server backend, but I wonder whether this will result in a hit to quality. Will the Plex Server reduce resolution on the fly?

I have Plex Server setup on my home LAN (pointed to the same NAS), but I only use it when I'm away from home. And, of course, when I'm away from home, Plex does dumb down the resolution to make a video work with available bandwidth. For what it's worth, my Apple TV 4k has a wired ethernet connection to the NAS where everything is stored.

BTW... OT... I've been very pleased with MrMc since installing it about 6 mos. ago. I had run Kodi/XBMC since the days when we rant it on an actual Xbox, but after acquiring a free Apple TV 4k (thanks DTV Now promotion), I needed something that could run on the new hardware. Switching from Kodi to MrMc has been painless. The only drawback so far has been the inability to show movie trailers through the interface (which using Plex as a backend may solve).

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Re: Plex Server + MrMc (on Apple TV 4k) = Full Resolution?

Post by davilla » 13 Apr 2019, 15:53

unless you explicitly enable transcoding in MrMC setting for plex, you will always get the original content.

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