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2. No, they really are not supported.
3. They are not coming back
4. Read from 1. again

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how add channels

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Re: how add channels

Post by Senzers69 » 14 Dec 2015, 22:16

hey neg0shEAte, can you please send me it to me aswell please?

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Re: how add channels

Post by Shipwreck » 15 Dec 2015, 06:05

I hate to be a "me too" guy, but I would be very grateful for the list as well. Would love to be able to try it out while I patiently wait in hopes that playback of unprotected iso files will be supported at some point.

Thank you for the great work you've done on this project.

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Re: how add channels

Post by Batman1310 » 15 Dec 2015, 07:40

Not to jump onto the "me too" bandwagon, but I would love to evaluate the list as well :) .

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Team MrMC
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Re: how add channels

Post by amet » 15 Dec 2015, 12:18

if there is a hint of any illegal sharing I will disable PM across entire forum board.

this forum will NOT be used for sharing illegal streams, its a support forum for the application and it will stay that way....next step if this continues is to remove the simple IPTV addon from any future releases.