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tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170207.1553)

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tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170207.1553)

Post by amet » 09 Jan 2017, 18:26

Please use this ONLY if you have downloaded 3.0.0 (170108.1804) , version number can be seen in TestFlight app

please avoid posting "I would love to test" posts, lets keep this for testing only.

changes since 2.8.1
- kodi v17 database compatibility
- add metadata.mymovies.dk scraper
- skin.re-touched: fix missing plex music library
- fix VTB failed streams, if VTB cant be used fallback to ffmpeg
- various other cosmetic fixes

changes since 3.0.0 (170108.1804)
- refactor libdvd to include VFS/Log support
- add support for older hdhomerun devices.

changes since 3.0.0 (170117.1827)
- VIDEO_TS folder playback
- plex transcode, Settings -> Services -> Plex Client -> Enable transcode, then select desired quality

changes since 3.0.0 (170120.643)
- plex transcode, local transcode setting and audio transcode options

changes since 3.0.0 (170121.759)
- 608 subtitles fix
- libNFS bump
- more plex transcode tweaks
- VU pvr, remove login details when using http protocol

changes since 3.0.0 (170125.1503)
- fixed, plex client. double start when transcoding.
- fixed, vc1 playback on some flavors.
- fixed, dvd playback with previews before main menu.
- fixed, 3d -> 2d mono
- fixed, crash when going home and updating home shelf

The testflight phase has ended for v3.0 as we are moving towards v3.0 release.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by timstephens24 » 09 Jan 2017, 19:57

Watched an episode of a TV show I recorded last night and didn't notice any issues so far. I also played some test files (TrueHD 7.1 and DTS-HD MA 7.1) and they played without anything noticeable too.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by timstephens24 » 09 Jan 2017, 21:44

Playing a movie (Transformers Dark of the Moon) ran into an issue where resuming from pause would leave the video paused but the audio would start like it should. Happened twice (once somewhere in the middle of the log, I don't know exactly) and one right next the end. I would have to stop completely and then start the video back up.


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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by boosterbosch » 11 Jan 2017, 17:00

Played some to shows last night all working ok, resume after pause and screensaver as well. (all 480p from my nas). Will throw some 1080p stuff at it tonight and see how it handles it.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by three6zerocool » 13 Jan 2017, 23:10

Same here. Been watching TV all evening, and no issues to report so far.
Will test out some more and report back.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by gogito75 » 14 Jan 2017, 10:23

Hello! How can I test 3.0.0?

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by davilla » 15 Jan 2017, 01:14

bruhahaha, video_ts playback over vfs. you are mine :) Coming soon to 3.0.0 testflight.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by cosmoxl » 15 Jan 2017, 02:47

davilla wrote:bruhahaha, video_ts playback over vfs. you are mine :) Coming soon to 3.0.0 testflight.
what?? :)

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by WillCroPoint » 16 Jan 2017, 10:09

Watched a dozen hours of SD and HD content, video files and HDHomeRun channels streamed through the IPTVSimpleClient, everything worked fine.

Sharing the MySQL database with Krypton instances, no issues there.

The only issue I have may not be related to the TestFlight (I guess it occurred before) : on the main screen, with the option « Display in progress items on home screen »: the shown in progress TV series are not sorted by decreasing watched date (which occurred in Kodi), making the list less relevant. Watching shows with MrMC, the in progress list in Krypton instances is updated as expected.

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Re: tvOS testing 3.0.0 (170108.1804)

Post by davidvb » 16 Jan 2017, 11:43

Hey All! I would like to join the beta group. Been using MrMc ever since it was released for AppleTV 4, and used Kodi and others for 2 decades before it.

My TestFlight ID is the same mail adres I use here (assuming you can check that.) if not please gimme a nudge!

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