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Skin Disappointment

Any skin specific issues
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Skin Disappointment

Post by eriberg » 06 Mar 2019, 00:48

I use MrMC on my Apple 4K to use it an extender for recorded tv on a Windows machine using ServerWMC. The Ariana skin could not be less intuitive, as nothing shows up when you choose TV. The whole thing is awkward and very disappointing and I suspect I'm not alone in missing the old Kodi Confluence skin. How about Estuary? I'll have to get used to busy looks of Amber or the Black Glass Nova skins.

The skins on the iPhone X are almost unusable. The icons and links are too small in Ariana and a pain to use. On the iPhone X, I can't get to recorded tv on the Live TV setting in Opacity Touch.

You guys had something really good going and I appreciated it, and now I'll have to dig out my fire TV stick to watch my recorded shows on Kodi - all in the name of MrMC using the latest and greatest skins (which I don't agree with). I don't care about features, as it worked perfectly for me and now there's no way back. I would appreciate the Estuary skin on the Apple TV app, or the Confluence skin back as a choice, even if it did limit my feature set.

Sorry for the rant, but MrMC really worked well the way it was.

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