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Bug in sort order when cycling sort orders types

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Bug in sort order when cycling sort orders types

Post by Montoya » 08 Mar 2019, 01:26


For one library I have in Emby, when cycling through sort order types, I get different results in sort, for sort type "Date added>descending". I never get the same sort results each time, when cycling through the sort types and going back to sort type "Date added>descending".

Also the initial sort when opening that library the first time in MrMC, for sort type "Date added>descending" is different from what I see in Emby server web interface or Emby apps for that library.

This bug is hapening in iOS and tvOS 3.8.0 release version, but was also present in previous MrMC versions.

You still have access to my Emby server and the library that this is happening in, is The Multi Subtitles one (Not Cartoon)
For comparison to what Emby does in sort type "Date added>descending", for that library, you can also check my Emby server via web browser log-in or use the Emby app.
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