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MrMC (Fire TV): Features request

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MrMC (Fire TV): Features request

Post by DotWin » 30 Apr 2016, 12:31


First, I want to say thank you for bringing a decent Media Center App to the App Stores of Apple and Amazon.
I purchased the iOS and Fire TV versions and I am quite happy with both of them.
I even wrote a positive review on the German Amazon App Store.

Of course there are still some things I would like MrMC to implement.
Therefore here is my personal features request for the Fire TV App which maybe you can take into account when working on updates:

1. DVD folder (VIDEO_TS) playback with full DVD menu or the possibility to open IFO files of unprotected DVDs:
I have many personal TV recordings which I authored in DVD compatible format and put on my NAS.
These can be played perfectly in Kodi, but they do not within MrMC, yet.

2. "Hide - Programs" under "Skin settings -> Home window":
As user add-ons are not supported, I would like to hide the "Programs" window within the main window because I do not see any reason for still having it there.

3. "Add-ons" removed from all media sections ("Pictures", "Videos", "Music"):
As user add-ons are not supported, I do not see any reason to have them mentioned anywhere within MrMC.

4. Back-up MrMC settings function:
I would like to have the possibility to back up the MrMC settings into a file/folder and restore them later, for example on another Fire TV.

5. Option to exit MrMC immediately:
To exit MrMC correctly I select the Power Button on the bottom left, but then I have to confirm that I want to quit the App.
I would like MrMC to close immediately when selecting the Power Button.
In regular Kodi this can be achieved by modifiying "Home.xml" within "\addons\skin.confluence\720p\":
<description>Power push button</description>
At least an option to set this behavior in MrMC would be nice.

6. "Weather" screen:
This is not a priority, but somehow I miss the weather screen.
I know, that this would be an add-on, but maybe there is another way to implement weather in MrMC.
Personally, I prefer "Yahoo Weather", but any reliable International weather service would do.

Please keep up the good work!
I am looking forward to future updates improving on an already very good App.
Thanks once again!

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