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Connecting to NAS via SMB

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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Connecting to NAS via SMB

Post by Dave_O » 27 Apr 2016, 18:01

I've connected to a Synology NAS server (DSM 6) via SMB with sideloaded Kodi in the past. When setting up MRMC, Selecting files via Browsing for new shares using 'Windows Network (SMB) failed to discover the NAS box.

Using Zeroconf browser did discover it and allowed me to connect.

Not a big issue, but not there previously. AFTV at current firmware, and reset to factory defaults prior to installing MRMC.

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Re: Connecting to NAS via SMB

Post by timstephens24 » 27 Apr 2016, 22:19

I've had problems with browse in the past (on Kodi for PC, not specifically MrMC) and generally just specify it without using browse now. It would be something like this:


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Re: Connecting to NAS via SMB

Post by davilla » 27 Apr 2016, 22:44

yes, libsmbclient seems to be becoming more and more twicher for us and upstream (kodi) as time goes on. That's why we brought in libdsm (which is about to undergo another refactor :)

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