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[How-to] mrmc.log

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[How-to] mrmc.log

Post by amet » 13 Jan 2016, 04:05

This is available on version 1.2.0+ only, update is available on App store

enable debuging

Settings > System > Logging > Enabled Debug Logging

enable webserver

Settings > Services > Web Server > Allow Remote control via HTTP

get the log from MrMC webiterface and paste it to pastebin.com, please do not paste any logs into the forum posts.

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if mrmc.old.log is required, you can get it by manually entering its URL in web browser.

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edit: corrected using below comments

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Re: [How-to] mrmc.log

Post by jabohn » 17 Jan 2016, 03:08

I think this is wrong.

There is no Settings > System > Debug
Debugging is under Settings > System > Logging > Enabled Debug Logging

There is no Settings > System > Services > Allow Remote control via HTTP
It's just Settings > Services > Web Server > Allow Remote control via HTTP

Please correct me if I'm wrong or otherwise correct the original How To. Thanks.

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Re: [How-to] mrmc.log

Post by davilla » 19 Mar 2016, 16:42

to get mrmc.old.log, which is the previous runtime log :

http://<atv4s IP>:8080/vfs%2Fspecial%3A%2F%2Flogs%2Fmrmc.old.log

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Re: [How-to] mrmc.log

Post by jbennett » 25 Aug 2016, 17:40

Here's a tip (probably AFTV-specific) for another way to access mrmc.log files without using the web interface:

In MrMC's File manager, click "Add source" and enter the following path:


...and click "OK" to save. You'll see the new source "temp" listed in File manager, under which you'll find the mrmc.log and mrmc.old.log files, which can then be copied wherever you like (USB drive, micro SD card, network share, etc., etc.).

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