MrMC and MrMC Lite 3.6.1/3.6.2 – A slight pause for bug stomping and tweaks

Version 3.6.1 brings one new binary pvr addon (TV Mosaic) and several bug fixes and tweaks. In addition, Koying (from SPMC) has been busy in Android, bringing in a ton of code to support things like enabling resolution downgrade so that 720p content will display switch to 720p rather than upscale.

Posters are larger in Opacity skin now, and the limits on images and fanart has been removed.

Below is the list of changes, and as always, full code can be found on our GitHub.


pvr.tvmosaic addon
enable downgrade resolution on droid



silence log spew
gui renderer crash
allow images from webserver


missing pm3.hd skin
various crash cases
various pvr manager hangs
various backports from SPMC
skin.opacity: bigger posters
skin.amber, fix 3d menu selector in OSD
remove 1080p limit on images and fanarts
do not extract thumbs larger than the source
picture slideshow screen on all skins
add network drives to profile settings window
vfs based paths in zebra list (broke Yatse support)
upstream sync plex addon
upstream sync for all skins
increase audio buffer size for iOS/tvOS
enable manual emby sign-in over https

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